Corona Update


We are planning the upcoming winter semester in accordance with the developing overall situation and in agreement with many other universities as a semester with as few restrictions and deviations as possible from the actually planned and accredited normal teaching and study schedule.

Specifically, this means:

  • Classes are scheduled in attendance according to the respective module descriptions.
  • The university buildings are open, all service areas are accessible.
  • There is a strong recommendation to wear a medical mask, especially if minimum distances are not met. This recommendation applies to all parts of the university buildings.
  • In case of symptoms, everyone is urged to clarify an infection with the Corona virus by means of a test (self-test, citizen test, PCR test). If the test is positive, all applicable isolation regulations must be followed and the university must not be entered until the infection has cleared and a test (self-test, citizen test, PCR test) is negative.
  • Members of at-risk groups may wish to contact the Dean of Students responsible for their program.
  • Self disclosure, such as for vaccination status, or “booking in” to premises (for the purpose of contact tracing) is not applicable.
  • The Examination Office plans normal examination operations and will inform you in good time about any adjustments that may be necessary.

As usual, if adjustments that cannot be foreseen today become necessary during the course of the semester, you will receive further information here and through your locations in a timely manner.


All rules also apply to fully vaccinated and recovered individuals


It is still recommended to wear a medical mask (FFP2 or OP).


Adhere to the general hygiene rules of the Robert Koch Institute such as regular hand washing, coughing and sneezing into the crook of your arm, etc.


Please continue to keep enough distance from other people.


3G access restrictions will no longer apply in the future. Notwithstanding this, we continue to strongly advise people to have the recommended vaccinations.

The above precautionary and hygienic protection measures apply at all Hochschule Fresenius locations, as well as the recommendation to wear a medical mask.

The university’s service facilities, such as libraries, examination offices, catering facilities, consultation hours, etc., will also be accessible to you in the winter semester without restriction to a large extent – subject to hygiene regulations.

As things stand today, it will largely be possible to offer exams on campus, as special regulations will apply for this. However, assume that 3G proof (vaccinated, recovered, tested) will also be required for exam participation.

General questions can be answered by the student service department at your location by telephone and e-mail. You will find the contact details on Ilias.

Please discuss all questions regarding teaching with your respective program director.

If you are unsure about your personal risk of infection, please contact your program director before coming to campus. You will then discuss specifically which rules have to be observed and which evidence you may have to submit in order to be able to attend lectures on campus again.

Students who belong to a high-risk group or live with members of high-risk groups (family, shared flat) and who therefore cannot or do not want to attend classes on campus must inform their program director in order to discuss alternatives.