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Information on teaching activities


Information on teaching avtivities

(updated on August 13th, 2021)

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Should you come to the campus, please observe the mandatory hygiene measures.

It is important that you wear a medical mouth-nose cover and keep a minimum distance of 1.5 meters to other people.

On August 10, the German Chancellor and the Minister Presidents gave clear signals enabling Hochschule Fresenius to plan most of its courses for the winter semester with on-site teaching. The so-called 3G regulation (vaccinated, recovered, tested) will continue to gain in importance for unrestricted participation in cultural, social, and educational life. It was stated clearly that especially for vaccinated and recovered people (2G) another lockdown would not be justifiable. It was also made clear that indoor events require both the continuation of the general hygiene protection rules (distance, mask, etc.) and the 3G proof.

Hochschule Fresenius is looking forward to a winter semester with on-site teaching within the limits of the legal possibilities. Even though the state regulations are still pending, we would like to share the following core messages with you:

  • The current planning of courses provides for a proportionate amount of on-site teaching for the vast majority of all study programs.
  • Particularly for courses with too many participants, on-site teaching will be supplemented by digital formats, which will then in turn be offered predominantly as online courses for all students.
  • To participate in on-site classes, based on recent political decisions, proof will be required that provides information about your status as fully immunized, recovered, or tested. Similarly, a classroom occupancy system will be used.
  • At this time, we anticipate that on-site classes will be permitted in principle, albeit with certain restrictions, throughout the winter semester. Restrictions may be imposed if the pandemic situation worsens. Unfortunately, it is also possible that individual federal states will issue divergent specifications for their universities.

We have summarized further information in the FAQ below as well as on ILIAS.

Hochschule Fresenius will update you regularly about the latest status, especially if there are changes to the designated guidelines. You yourself can make a large and important preventive contribution through your behavior in order to ensure safe university operations. We ask for your understanding and support as opportunities and needs arise.

Get through the coming weeks well and stay healthy!

Rules of Caution and Hygiene

At Hochschule Fresenius

All rules also apply to those who have been vaccinated or have recovered

Wear a medical mouth-nose cover when entering the university, in all closed rooms and during lectures. Wearing a mouth-nose cover is also mandatory in front of the buildings of the university, i.e.  outside the door, if the minimum distance cannot be kept.

Disinfect your hands when you enter the college. Adhere to the general hygiene rules of the Robert Koch-Institute such as regular hand washing, coughing and sneezing into the crook of your arm etc. Avoid shaking hands and hugs.


There is a QR code in front of each seminar room. Use it to check yourself in before each course and check out again after the course when you leave the room. We are obliged by the authorities to ensure traceability for participants of each course.


Despite the obligation to wear a mouth-nose cover, please continue to keep sufficient distance from other people. This applies to the inside and outside of the university buildings. We urgently request that you enter and leave classrooms at a distance and do not stay in groups in and in front of the buildings.

You are not allowed to enter the university if you are ill with COVID-19, if you have had direct contact to persons ill with COVID-19 in the past 14 days or if you have respiratory diseases that have not been medically clarified.

FAQ (Alternative)_2

If you return from a corona risk area from abroad (see official list of the Robert Koch-Institute) you may only enter the university again after having completed quarantine or after a negative test result, which is not older than 48 hours.


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