Buddy program
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Buddy program

With the Buddy Program, Hochschule Fresenius wants to support international students in their transition to a new phase of life in a foreign country with a different language and culture. Especially the first weeks and the first semester are often characterized by many new, foreign impressions and also by doubts and worries.

This is why we have set up the International Buddy Program for our international students, in which current students of Hochschule Fresenius become mentors who help the “newbies” with study-related as well as non-university questions about life in Germany. This is of course on a voluntary basis on both sides. We hope this program will help to overcome cultural and language barriers and further strengthen our welcome culture.

The Buddy is a student contact person with whom international students can get in touch even before their trip to Germany. Hochschule Fresenius is organizing various events that both parties can attend together. Even though the program is officially limited to one semester, we have already witnessed many friendships that have developed from the Buddy program.

The Buddy Program is currently offered at the Cologne and Munich campuses.


  • Cities: Cologne & Munich
  • Duration: one Semester
  • Allocation of buddies: random – always as a couple or quartet (made up of two mentors and two international students)
  • Contact person in Cologne: Matthias Nelke, matthias.nelke@hs-fresenius.de
  • Contact person in Munich:  ville.leppaenen@hs-fresenius.de
  • Participation in the International Buddy Program can be credited as Module C International Commitment of the Certificate of International Competence

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