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Data Science for International Business Management
Master | Full Time

For non-data science graduates:

Data Science for International Business Management Master’s program

Digital transformation is revolutionizing entire working worlds: Business, IT, management, and data science are moving closer together, resulting in great demand for experts who have the know-how to combine these areas. If you want to become one of these experts in your professional future but have not yet acquired any data science skills, the internationally oriented, English-language Master’s program in Data Science for International Business Management (M.Sc.) is perfect for you.

The Data Science Master’s program for non-data science graduates is ideal for anyone with a business-related Bachelor’s degree in a non-data science field who wants to combine business with information processing and technology


Career prospects with your study program

After completing the Master’s program, you will have both the business expertise and the IT know-how that you will need for your career. You will have a broad portfolio of data management tools and be able to recognize the importance of information and communication technologies for an organization. You will be able to discuss and communicate the use of empirical methods and technical solutions, and have the ability to make decisions in various business contexts. This will open up many career prospects.

Your study program in detail

The Master’s program in Data Science for International Business Management (M.Sc.) brings together business, management, and information processing and technology, offering an international focus as well as strong practical relevance. You will explore a wide range of topics such as IT, data science, and business intelligence and expand your business knowledge. In addition, you can improve your language skills with a German course and have the opportunity to develop your professional profile in an elective module or opt for an internship or semester abroad.

Course schedule

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Your way to the Master’s study program

To be admitted to the Master’s study program in Data Science for International Business Management (M.Sc.) at Hochschule Fresenius, you need to fulfil the following requirements:

You haven’t completed your Bachelor’s degree yet? At Hochschule Fresenius, you can start your Master’s program and finish your Bachelor’s program at the same time, provided you have attained at least 80 percent of the credit points by the time of enrollment. In addition, Bachelor’s students at Hochschule Fresenius will only pay the monthly Master’s tuition fees when starting the Master’s program.

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