Your General Management distance-learning MBA

People wishing to take on leadership roles usually have in-depth economic expertise and management skills. Are you looking to pursue relevant further education and prepare for the next stage of your career with an insightful and practical study program that fits easily into your life? If so, the distance learning MBA in General Management at Hochschule Fresenius is the perfect choice.


Career prospects with your study program

The distance-learning MBA in General Management provides you with universal skills and business expertise that you can use to add value to numerous industrial, retail, and service sectors. Find out more about the opportunities you have after your successful graduation!

After you successfully graduated in the distance-learning MBA in General Management, many options will open up to you. As a (junior) manager, you will enjoy particularly exciting prospects in the following fields:

  • Purchasing, procurement
  • Management, leadership
  • Warehousing, materials management, logistics
  • Human resources
  • Business organization and planning
  • Sales, retail
  • Business consulting
  • Accounting
  • Risk analysis and management
  • Marketing, advertising
  • Finance and accounting

Your MBA also qualifies you for further academic study, for example a doctorate exploring economic issues.

Your study program in detail

The distance-learning MBA in General Management begins with fundamental economic, business, and management concepts. From the second semester, you will explore strategic management methods and instruments in more depth. The program concludes with a Master’s thesis, giving you the opportunity to tackle a complex economic question and apply all that you have learned. Discover more about what to expect in your studies here!

The distance-learning MBA in General Management comprises the following module groups:

  • Core area of business management
  • Strategic and structural tasks within business management
  • Business management analysis methods

Its content is based on the European Quality Link (EQUAL) MBA guidelines.

The distance-learning Master’s study program in General Management is a flexible way to continue your education alongside your career. Your professional experience will help you to reflect on your newly acquired knowledge in a practical context, and you can apply your new skills directly to your everyday work.

The interactive studynet e-learning platform provides plenty of opportunities to engage with your fellow students, learn together and from one another, and develop collaborative problem-solving skills.


For your money, you get access to the online library of the Fresenius universities, numerous e-books and study mags, the creation of an e-mail account, as well as free advice and support from your study coaches and lecturers. In addition, there are many other benefits and services that you can take advantage of.


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Admission requirements

To be admitted to this distance-learning MBA in General Management at Hochschule Fresenius, you must fulfil the following requirements:

You must have acquired a professional qualification via a first university degree in a non-business subject with at least 210 credit points. This is usually a Bachelor’s degree. If you hold other relevant academic qualifications (such as a Master’s or a German “Diplom”, state examination, or “Magister”), you may also be admitted.

You need relevant full-time professional experience following your first university degree (in general, at least two years). To be deemed relevant, this experience must relate to your desired MBA study program.

English skills are required, equivalent to Level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

You have not completed a first university degree? Or you have completed your Bachelor’s degree with less than 210 credit points? In this case, you can also start your studies by other means:

If you have completed your bachelor’s degree with 180 credit points, you will subsequently need at least 2.5 years of relevant work experience.

Instead of a professional qualification via a first university degree, you will need

  • a university entrance qualification (“Hochschulzugangsberechtigung”),
    • a completed vocational training program, and
    • relevant full-time work experience after the vocational training (in general, at least four years).

In this case, you will also take our aptitude test.

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