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Master’s Program at Hochschule fresenius IN BERLIN

Whether artificial intelligence (AI) or the Internet of Things – the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) opens up all sorts of opportunities for companies. It also, however, brings about major challenges, because companies have to find specialists with a range of management skills to offer alongside in-depth scientific expertise.

Do you already have a Bachelor’s degree in engineering or a science subject? And you are looking to expand your skills, while learning how to live up to the challenge of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) at the same time? Then this Master’s in Industrial Engineering and International Management (M.Sc.) could be just what you are looking for. This study program taught in English will give you the very tools you need for a future job in the industry of tomorrow!


The Master’s program in Industrial Engineering and International Management (M.Sc.) centers on the major engineering issues of our time, such as the use of artificial intelligence and the development of circular economy technologies. During your studies, you will acquire not only the skills required to optimize processes, solve problems, and professionally represent international manufacturing and engineering companies, but also gain the knowledge needed to develop technical solutions to the ecological and social challenges of our global society.

During your studies in Industrial Engineering and International Management (M.Sc.) you will acquire:

  • Diverse academic and specialist knowledge as well as an understanding of methodologies and practical skills used in a variety of areas of engineering and technology
  • A broad theoretical and practical understanding of selected areas of technology, science, and engineering
  • Knowledge of the processes and challenges in the interfaces between business and engineering
  • In-depth knowledge of the economic, financial, and social framework of the global market economy

During your studies, you will complete modules in these areas:

  • Industrial Engineering Tools and Processes
  • Engineering and Sustainability
  • International Management
  • Financial Management

In your second semester, you can choose either Digital Industry and Smart Production, or Data Science and Machine Learning as your major. This allows you to tailor your studies to your personal career plan.

Besides seminars, you can also enjoy all sorts of extracurricular activities at our campus in Berlin that will further your personal development and help you when you enter the job market after graduating from the Master’s program. A regular feature on the extracurricular program, for example, are various workshops as well as lectures by experts from partner firms in our company network.


To be admitted to a Master’s program at Hochschule Fresenius, you have to fulfil the applicable admission requirementsThis will involve us verifying your first university degree, your final grade, the content of your undergraduate program, and your language skills. 

Online Application
To apply, use our non-binding online application formSimply fill out the application form and submit your application by clicking on the relevant button at the end of the formYour personal login for the upload area will be sent to you by email. 

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Submitting Your Application Documents

The application pages of our website contain details of the documents that are to be uploaded in support of your application. The only documents that you are required to submit official certified copies of by mail are your university entrance qualification and the final academic transcript of your first university degreeWe advise you to log in to the upload area regularly to check the status of your application. 

Important note for non-EU citizens: 

If you come from a country outside the European Union, you may have to fulfil additional requirements: You must sign a preliminary contract, pay tuition fees for 3 months in advance and need a blocked account and a visa application. Please contact us for further information. 

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Admission to Study Program
You will hear back from us once the admissions committee has examined your documentsProvided you meet the applicable requirements for admission to a Master’s program, you will be offered a place at Hochschule Fresenius. Once you have accepted the offer, our Admissions Office will send you the study contractYour place will be held for a period of 14 days of receipt of the contract. Your place is guaranteed once the contract has been returned to us. Study contracts will still be accepted once the 14-day period has elapsed provided free places are still available. 

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Once all the documents required for enrollment have been received by the given deadline, we will be happy to welcome you at one of our enrollments days at your chosen campus. 

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To be admitted to the Industrial Engineering & International Management (M.Sc.) program at Hochschule Fresenius, you need to fulfil the following admission requirements:

Simply apply online for the Industrial Engineering & International Management study program at your desired location. After receiving your online application, our admissions team will get in touch with you. Would you like to learn more about the application process? Find more information on our application process page.

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As a graduate of a Master’s program in Industrial Engineering and International Management (M.Sc.) you will possess a range of business and management skills coupled with a broad understanding of technology and engineering as well as many practical skills across a variety of disciplines. The program has been designed in accordance with the German Qualifications Framework for Industrial Engineers (Qualifikationsrahmen Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen), ensuring that you have an industry recognized qualification to launch your career.

This will provide you with the tools and skills required to optimize processes, solve problems, and represent manufacturing and engineering companies. You will also have an in-depth understanding of current ecological and social challenges, know which technological developments contribute to the persistence of these problems, and you will be able to identify ways to solve these problems.

After your Master’s studies in Industrial Engineering and International Management (M.Sc.) you will be able to perform management tasks in the manufacturing and technology sectors, take on budget and staffing responsibilities, as well as deliver solutions at a strategic level. You will be qualified to work in both national and global companies as well as to take on a leadership role, and work as part of international and interdisciplinary teams.

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You have detailed questions about study program-specific content, would you like to find out about the different options for choosing your focus or the financing options? Our study advice team will be happy to arrange a personal consultation to discuss your questions in detail. Get to know us, we look forward to seeing you!

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