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International Game Production Master’s program

The days when games were developed by just a few people are long gone. Today, the games market is an international market, with international developer studios and producers at the top of the pyramid. If you have gained expertise in games, art design, or computer science and want to combine this with business knowledge, acquiring the skills to become a successful producer, then the Master’s program in International Game Production (M.A.) is exactly what you are looking for.


Career prospects with your study program

To be a successful producer in the international games market, you need comprehensive expertise in business and management as well as a good feel for the market and the ability to see yourself as the head of a creative team. The Master’s program in International Game Production (M.A.) provides you with all these competencies and opens up opportunities for an exciting career in many promising fields. Find out more about your prospects here.

During your studies, you will focus on a variety of topics, such as management and game production, while also acquiring important intercultural and language skills and applying your expertise in two practical projects. This means that, after graduation, you will have the know-how to start a successful career in numerous promising roles. You will be able to work in all sectors of the media, particularly in the gaming industry, as well as in organizations, institutions, and facilities that use gaming technologies. The program prepares you for

  • Jobs as a producer, executive producer, project manager, or process manager
  • Activities in the development, publishing, marketing, and distribution of media projects, particularly in the games sector
  • Activities in which you can run your own development or publishing studio
  • Consulting services for non-gaming corporations in the context of gamification

Master’s graduates also have the option of pursuing a doctorate.

Your study program in detail

On the Master’s program in International Game Production (M.A.), you will acquire the know-how you need for a successful career as a producer. You will build on the creative, artistic, and technical skills you gained during your Bachelor’s studies and expand them with comprehensive business competencies. You will also develop your intercultural and language skills, have the opportunity to complete an internship, and tailor your studies to your career goals.

During the Master’s program in International Game Production (M.A.), you will explore a variety of important topics and significantly expand your knowledge and skills. The thematic fields you will focus on include:

  • Management Essentials in a Global Context: You will learn more about economic processes and frameworks and interpret them internationally.
  • Game Production & Management: You will gain important knowledge of international media production, relating to games in particular. You will learn how to analyze the international media market and discover current trends at an early stage, and you will gain a deep understanding of different distribution strategies. You will also focus intensively on the project management of games, take a look at various legal frameworks, and apply your knowledge and skills in two practical projects.
  • Intercultural & Language Skills: If you have no German language skills, you will take curricular German courses in the first and second semesters. If you already have German language skills, you will take the Intercultural Competence module and learn a foreign language other than English.
  • Research Methods & Empirical Skills: You will learn more about different research methods and how to use them for business-related decisions.

The Master’s program in International Game Production (M.A.) is adapted to your abilities and goals. In the first semester, you will study two of the following game-related basic tracks, based on the knowledge you have gained in your previous Bachelor’s studies:

  • Coding Essentials
  • Game Design Essentials
  • Game Art Essentials

You will also have the opportunity to tailor your studies to your personal interests and develop your professional profile. In your third semester, you will choose an elective module on one of the following topics:

  • Corporate Finance for Hit-Driven Business
  • Leadership for Game Developers
  • Business Development

Alternatively, you can choose to complete an internship, gaining professional experience and expanding your practical knowledge.

Practice-oriented learning is a top priority at Hochschule Fresenius. If you join the Master’s program in International Game Production (M.A.), you can expect application-oriented teaching from experts who will pass on their wealth of professional experience. You will work on two projects and various case studies and might opt for an internship as part of your elective modules. Interactive learning, excursions, guest lectures, and workshops are also common practice at Hochschule Fresenius.

Course schedule

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Your way to the Master’s study program

To be admitted to the Master’s study program in International Game Production (M.A.) at Hochschule Fresenius, you need to fulfil the following requirements:

You must have completed a Bachelor’s study program with at least 180 credit points.

You must have completed your Bachelor’s degree in the fields of games, art design, or computer science. You do not need to have earned credit points in a business- or economic-related subject. On the contrary, you can have gained a maximum of 60 credit points in business or economics in your Bachelor’s degree.

For more information, please contact our Study Advice Service.

Your English language skills must be equivalent to Level B2 of the European Framework of Reference for Languages.

You haven’t completed your Bachelor’s degree yet? At Hochschule Fresenius, you can start your Master’s program and finish your Bachelor’s program at the same time, provided you have attained at least 80 percent of the credit points by the time of enrollment. In addition, Bachelor’s students at Hochschule Fresenius will only pay the monthly Master’s tuition fees when starting the Master’s program.

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