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Security and
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Distance-learning program in
Security and Disaster Management (MBA)

Looking for a flexible way to continue your education alongside your career and gain all the skills required for security sector managers? Then the distance-learning program in Security and Disaster Management (MBA) is the perfect choice, offering in-depth theoretical and practical preparation for your future career.

Study online at your own pace as you learn about the concepts and methods of security and disaster management and expand your strategic and leadership skills. A wide range of elective modules allows you to specialize based on your goals and interests.

We also offer a German-language version of this Master’s program.

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Security and Disaster Management (MBA) distance-learning program: structure and content

Naturally, this distance-learning program focuses on the core areas of disaster management and security management. Modules on concepts, methods, and social science aspects form the basis of the program, complemented by content that will enable you to build your leadership skills.

As you progress, you will choose specialized elective modules and study topics such as prevention, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and controlling. You will conclude the program by completing your own empirical research project and writing your Master’s thesis.

Close links between theory and practice allow you to develop the precise skills required for leadership roles in the security sector.

The content of the program is based on the European Quality Link (EQUAL) MBA guidelines.

A wide range of elective modules allows you to focus on specialist topics such as hazard prevention, crisis management, risk management, field care, or communication.

You will complete two of the following 13 elective modules:

  • International and Intercultural Management
  • Information Protection and Information Security
  • Supply Chain Security
  • Management of Natural Hazards in the Context of Sustainable Development
  • Risk Management
  • Conflict Management and Communication
  • Digital Business Modelling
  • Design Thinking
  • Marketing Management and Brand Management
  • Crisis Management in the Context of Disaster and Emergency Management
  • Field Care
  • Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chain Management in the Event of Disaster
  • Security Technology

You can complete your distance-learning program in Security and Disaster Management (MBA) in three semesters (full-time study) or four semesters (part-time study). Download the three-semester course schedule here.

Admission requirements for the distance-learning program
in Security and Disaster Management (MBA)

To be admitted to this distance-learning program at Hochschule Fresenius, you must fulfill the following requirements:

You have not completed a first university degree? Or you have completed your Bachelor’s degree with less than 210 credit points? In this case, you can also start your studies by other means:

Career prospects with the distance-learning
Master’s in Security and Disaster Management

The distance-learning MBA opens up exciting career prospects by providing you with all the skills required for innovative and sustainable security, disaster, and risk management.

You will be equipped to work in various areas within security and disaster management, particularly the specialist fields of your elective modules.

Take on responsibilities in international organizations, business consultancies, security companies, or departments focused on assessing and responding to risks.


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