Panorama Vienna
Summer School Sustainable Entrepreneurship
5 – 16 August 2024

Welcome to the Sustainable Entrepreneurship Summer School in Vienna!

Embark on a transformative journey in the vibrant setting of Charlotte Fresenius University – University of Sustainability, where sustainability meets entrepreneurship. We’re thrilled to invite you to the Sustainable Entrepreneurship Summer School, an immersive 12-day program designed to ignite your passion for sustainable business ventures.

Join us for:

  • Engaging Workshops
  • Inspiring Speaker Sessions
  • Interactive Group Activities
  • Exclusive Company Visits
  • Networking Opportunities

Whether you’re a student, aspiring entrepreneur, or simply passionate about sustainable practices, this summer school offers a unique opportunity to gain practical skills, connect with industry leaders, and explore the dynamic world of sustainable entrepreneurship.

Ready to Dive In? Secure your spot now and be part of a community dedicated to driving positive change through innovative and sustainable business practices.


    Program Details

    • Get Started: A warm welcome and program overview
    • Knowledge Dive: Introduction to sustainability and entrepreneurship basics
    • Explore Vienna: City tour to iconic landmarks
    • Real-world Insights: Analyze case studies of sustainable businesses
    • Interactive Session: Group work to identify sustainable business ideas
    • Field Visit: Explore a local sustainable startup
    • Consolidation of the business ideas from the previous day (BMC/VPC)
    • Visit to the Innovation Center of the University of Vienna with a focus on sustainability
    • Workshop: Concrete development and presentation of business ideas
    • Company Visit: A sustainable production facility
    • Startup Night: Network with entrepreneurs and startups
    • Seminars: Explore ecological and social aspects of sustainability
    • Project Work: Integrate sustainability principles into business models
    • Leisure Time: Explore Vienna, visit landmarks like Schloss Schönbrunn and Stephansdom
    • Reflect and Recharge: A pause for self-reflection and exploration
    • Optional Activities: Discover Vienna’s cultural gems at your own pace
    • Ethical Perspectives: Seminar on ethics in entrepreneurship
    • Hands-On Workshop: Develop ethical guidelines for businesses
    • Company Visit: Explore a business with outstanding social responsibility
    • Financial Insights: Talks on financing options for startups
    • Resource Workshop: Managing resources sustainably
    • Expert Sessions: Learn from industry leaders
    • Tech and Sustainability: Seminars on technology in sustainable business models
    • Tech Company Visit: Explore a tech company with a focus on sustainability
    • Interactive Session: Discuss the role of digitalization in sustainability
    • Marketing Workshops: Strategies for sustainable marketing
    • Success Stories: Presentation of successful marketing strategies
    • Agency Visit: Explore a sustainable-focused advertising agency
    • Action Plan: Develop marketing plans for presented business ideas
    • Showcase: Presentation and evaluation of sustainable business models
    • Expert Feedback: Insights from industry experts
    • Celebration: Conclude with a shared dinner and certificate ceremony



    Our education group has been supporting people on their educational journey for 175 years. The quality of your academic education is testament to this experience. All our educational offers have a clear practical focus and provide you with targeted training for the requirements of tomorrow’s job market. Let us be your great place to grow!

    Austrias first private university of sustainability

    Our lecture rooms at Charlotte Fresenius Private University are built according to the latest sustainability standards and our educational portfolio has a strong focus on sustainability.

    With us, you will become part of a community of sustainability enthusiasts. Get involved and make an important contribution to breaking down economic barriers together with your fellow students.


    We want to promote entrepreneurship. That is why we have made it our mission to support all those interested in founding a company, freelancers, business founders and innovative/technology-based start-ups or companies in all sectors. Every year, our PIONEER LAB supports 35 top start-ups with its own programs and is in contact with over 1,290 people interested in founding a company. After all, entrepreneurship is an integral part of our educational group, with the entrepreneurial family and Fresenius in its DNA. We want to pass on this entrepreneurial spirit to entrepreneurs. That is what drives us.

    The Summer School takes place at the campus of Charlotte Fresenius University in Vienna.

    Technologiezentrum Vienna
    Technologiezentrum Vienna

    Our Services

    Requirements & Application

    Participants must be / have:

    • 18 years or older
    • English proficiency of at least CEFR B2

    Please fill in the online form on our website after you have read and agree with our terms and conditions. We will e-mail you a detailed application form shortly after and ask you to hand in a proof of your English level, your CV and a recently taken photo of yourself. Once your application documents have been reviewed, you will be informed via e-mail whether you are accepted for the summer program or not.

    Registration deadline is April 30, 2024.


    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Summer School Team: