Welcome to the counseling and support services for students at Hochschule Fresenius!

Would you like to discuss your worries or insecurities with a trusted person? Are you seeking support in a personal difficulty? Read on to learn more about our counseling services.

Counseling in English is available for international students. Do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to help!


Our counseling services aim to provide you with the best possible support during your studies. Our services are delivered by qualified professionals, free of charge and strictly confidential.

Topics you might want to discuss with us include: adapting to life in Germany, culture shock, pressure to perform, and challenges such as time management, personal issues or psychosocial worries.

Our psychosocial counseling is easy to access and stigma-free. We provide orientation and decision making support, and refer you to further resources if necessary.

Please be aware that our counseling is not a crisis service. We do not provide long-term therapy, instead we are a dedicated and solution-focused counseling service.

If you are in acute crisis, please call the national crisis hotline: Tel. 0800 11 10 111 or 0800 11 10 222

Or check this website to find support in your language: www.telefonseelsorge.de/international-helplines


Some academic staff take on an additional advisory role. As guidance counselors, we support you in overcoming challenges related to your studies. We advise you free of charge and confidentially on topics such as:

  • Conflicts with lecturers
  • Tensions with fellow students or within group projects
  • Self-organization
  • Learning and motivational problems
  • All questions regarding the structure of your studies

We will also help you to find other suitable support services offered by Hochschule Fresenius and other institutions.


As diversity officer, we are advocates for equal opportunities and diversity management, and support Hochschule Fresenius’ development process in accordance with German law.

We are your first point of contact if you experience discrimination or assault based on your gender, ethnicity, age, disability, sexual orientation or religion.


If you seek counseling or advice in English, please contact us via email: psychosozialeberatung@hs-fresenius.de

Bianca Humbert
Bianca Humbert
Head of Counseling Services
Marc Venner
Marc Venner
Counselor and Certified Mediator