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In recent years, the willingness of students from around the world to study in Germany has increased. Recent studies have revealed that Germany is highly valued for its attractiveness among young foreign entrepreneurs and international students. The number of international students studying at Hochschule Fresenius has also drastically increased over the years. In order to make the process of coming to Germany easier, new services have been introduced to support our internationals. One of the services we now offer is FlyWire.

What is FlyWire?

FlyWire is a payment solution that is easy-to-use and provides international payers with a streamlined payment experience. For Hochschule Fresenius and our international students, this means that not only time, but also money can be saved.

The Benefits of Using FlyWire as a Payment Option:

  1. It is convenient, fast, cost-effective and easy-to-use.
  2. It offers reputable and local payment options to international students.
  3. It is mobile-friendly and offers a high level of security.
  4. It enables you to track your payment in real time.
  5. It protects international students from inflated exchange rates.
  6. It discloses costs upfront.

How does FlyWire work?

  1. Access the payment portal
  2. Choose your school
  3. Enter your home country and payment amount
  4. Review the payment options and select your preferred method
  5. Enter your personal details and payment information
  6. Receive your payment instructions
  7. Send payment via preferred method
  8. Track and confirm


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