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Studienkolleg NRW
Your gateway to a Bachelor’s degree in Germany

If you have an international school-leaving certificate but are not automatically eligible to study at German universities, you can earn a subject-specific university entrance qualification by attending a preparatory bridging course at a Studienkolleg and taking the university qualification examination (Feststellungsprüfung). Passing this exam allows you to study in Germany in the subjects related to your qualification.

Hochschule Fresenius is commissioned by the Cologne District Government to conduct this examination. You can take this state-recognized exam immediately after the preparatory courses at our campus in Cologne.

About Studienkolleg NRW

Studienkolleg NRW is part of Hochschule Fresenius and located at our Cologne campus. It offers three focus courses to prepare students who hold an international school-leaving certificate to take the state-approved university qualification examination:

Medicine (Medizin: M-course),
Technical sciences (Technik: T-course) and
Economics (Wirtschaft: W-course).

If you are interested in a study program at Hochschule Fresenius such as International Business Management (B.A.), the W-course would be the right choice for you. All courses are conducted in German and the W-course and T-course can also be completed in English. To attend the English-language W-course, you must also speak German to a good level (A2).

The process takes a total of ten months (course plus exam) and participants must speak the main language of tuition to a very good level (B1). Some of the programs start in April (M-German, T-German) and some in October (W-German, W-English, T-English). This allows graduates to apply for their desired study program in time for the upcoming semester. Students without the required language skills can also attend preliminary language courses.



We offer two programs at our Studienkolleg: The Pre-University program and the Pre-Bachelor program. Both programs conclude with the state-approved university qualification examination, although you can choose to attend the Pre-Bachelor without the final exam.

If you intend to study at Hochschule Fresenius after completing the program, make sure to check out our Pre-Bachelor program, which allows you to earn your Bachelor’s degree in a total of four years and has many benefits. While the Studienkolleg takes place at our Cologne campus, you are free to begin your Bachelor’s studies at any campus that offers your program.

The Pre-University program is designed primarily for prospective international students whose desired study program is not offered at Hochschule Fresenius. Its structure is otherwise identical to the Pre-Bachelor program. Graduating from a German-language program at Studienkolleg NRW entitles you to apply to all German universities. Graduates of the English-language programs can apply to English-language study programs within the state of North-Rhine Westphalia or at all Hochschule Fresenius campus locations.



Get to know the Studienkolleg NRW better through the eyes of the graduates: their experiences at the Studienkolleg NRW, about the preparatory courses, the assistance by the team of the Studienkolleg NRW and their personal mentors, up to their life in Cologne.

Read more experience reports from former participants here.

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