Library & additional services

As a student at Hochschule Fresenius, you’ll benefit from many useful services. These include curriculum-related services that help you achieve your learning goals and pass your exams. These are, in particular, tutorials, support in the preparation of scientific papers, and the research facilities in our libraries.

Tutorials take place at all campus locations as well as in our distance learning programs. They usually relate to specific study programs or modules, allowing you to prepare for and follow up on courses in the tutorial. The tutorials are supervised by students from higher semesters or by lecturers.

In addition, depending on the subject area and study content, there are many other support options, for example workshops, method training, additional courses, or research colloquia. You can choose the options most relevant for your study program. The specific tutorials and courses on offer are announced at the beginning of each semester.

Scientific research and writing

When writing your first term paper, you’ll surely have some questions: How do I choose the right topic? How can I research suitable literature? How should I structure the paper? And many more …

Don’t worry: Of course, you will learn the basic principles of scientific work from the beginning of your studies and sharpen your methodological skills during the following semesters.

In addition, workshops and consultations on scientific writing are available at many campus locations, helping you overcome writer’s block or other obstacles. A popular event is our “Long Night of Term Papers”, where you can work together with your fellow students to tackle procrastination.


Researching scientific literature and using it purposefully will be very important during your studies. You’ll use the specialist literature to determine the current state of research, develop your own theses, and secure and compare your research results. Therefore, the library will be one of your go-to places – on campus and online.

All information about our libraries, e.g. the opening hours, can be found on Hochschule Fresenius’ internal platform ILIAS.


Scientific databases are a research tool docked to the libraries. They’ll be very useful during your studies. Some of the databases you have access to as a student at Hochschule Fresenius are:

  • Springer
  • Wiley eJournals
  • Statista
  • wiso-net
  • Hogrefe medical and psychological eJournals and single eBook licenses
  • APA PsycArticles
  • Elsevier, Nomos, and Springer textbook packages
  • Ciando
  • Web of Science
  • EBSCO Business Source Ultimate

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