Mentoring Program

With the Mentoring Program, we would like to create an inspiring and supportive community of mentors and mentees who are committed to a successful future together.

The aim is to generate an interdisciplinary exchange between career starters and experienced professionals in order to create a conducive environment for personal and professional growth and, thus, create a future-oriented working world.

Our Mentoring Program serves as a bridge between the Carl Remigius Fresenius Education Group and the work place. By providing our students access to valuable contacts and insights into professional challenges and opportunities, we intend to prepare them for the transition after graduation and enable them to have a successful career.

Mentoring Fundaments (Knots)

The foundations of the Mentoring Program are the Matching Process, the collaboration based on mutual trust, and the attitude with which a learning experience can be created for both sides: interdisciplinary cooperation, thinking outside the box, broadening one’s horizons. It is a network created and implemented by alumni and current students – both sides have and will begin their journeys from a common origin and hub and mutually link their networks.

Mentoring Journey (Waterways)

The mentoring journey consists of many paths that lead to a common safe haven for alumni and students via diverse networks, nodes, as well as regular exchanges and meetings on different topics. Tools and feedback accompany our alumni and mentees along their mentoring journey and contribute to constant personal and professional development and growth.

Mentoring Outcome (Harbor)

Our safe mentoring haven is our Carl Remigius Fresenius Community. The shared exchange and growth in diverse, interdisciplinary, digital, and analogue directions in the job world as well as the development of one’s personality always has a safe place of return and new beginnings in our community harbor. We would like to accompany our mentees and our alumni with all possibilities.

  • career development: Mentees can benefit from the experience and knowledge of their mentors to better understand their individual professional goals, how to communicate them, and how to develop their future career plans.
  • skill building: The Mentoring Program enables students to acquire new skills relevant to their future professional careers and supports them in recognizing and developing their strengths.
  • networking: Mentees are able to connect with valuable contacts in the respective industry via their mentors. This increases their chances for new and professional opportunities and successes.
  • strengthening self-confidence: By encouraging students, supporting them in their personal and professional development, and by providing them feedback, mentees can help students to strengthen their self-confidence and to better assess their abilities.
  • work-life-balance: Our Mentoring Program helps students to create a healthy work-life balance by learning from the mentors’ experiences and how to successfully overcome challenges in their professional as well as private lives.
  • professional development: Mentors can improve their leadership and coaching skills while expanding their own knowledge and perspectives.
  • network expansion: Mentoring offers mentors the opportunity to expand their network and establish new contacts.
  • knowledge transfer: By sharing their expertise and experiences, mentors support the next generation of professionals and make a positive contribution to society.
  • acquiring new work perspectives: Impulses for current topics for young career starters, such as New Work and home office.

What is a Mentee?

  • mediator between the work environment and students or young professional
  • mentees recognize hopes, needs, and fears of young professionals
  • mentees decide what kind of support they are seeking for and choose the topics

What is a Mentor?

  • consultant providing support on relevant topics for mentees
  • trusted person for the period of mentoring and/or beyond
  • companion and initiator

Process and registration

All members of the Talent Network and all Alumni of the Carl Remigius Fresenius Education Group can take advantage of our Mentoring Program.

6 month

twice per year (October 1 as well as April 1)

September 15 (for beginning the Mentoring Program on October 1) and
March 15 (for beginning the Mentoring Program on April 1)

Interested? You can register here:

Email address for questions and additional information:  mentoring@hs-fresenius.de

Your Contact Persons

Nazanin Razi Choubari
Laura Nausedat
Dr. Diana Labisch