Bachelor’s Degree in four years


In addition to our regular three-year Bachelor’s programs, we offer a four-year program that also includes a Pre-Bachelor. This is a solution for prospective students with school-leaving certificates from outside of Germany that do not automatically qualify them for admission to a German university.

This is often the case for prospective students who earned their school-leaving qualifications outside of the European Union. The German authorities will decide whether your qualifications give you access to a preparatory course (Studienkolleg) and the university qualification examination (Feststellungsprüfung) taken at Hochschule Fresenius. If you qualify, you can join Studienkolleg NRW at our Cologne campus. Over the course of one year, you will take intensive courses related to your desired study program and then the final university qualification examination. Once this is complete, you can start your desired study program at Hochschule Fresenius.

If you hold a school-leaving certificate from another country that provides you with direct access to higher education in Germany, you have the option of attending the corresponding focus course at Studienkolleg NRW on a voluntary basis. This bridging course is the ideal way to prepare for the language and content of your subsequent studies. If you choose to do this, you will not need to take the university qualification examination, as you are already eligible for German higher education.

At the Studienkolleg, you are prepared for the so-called Feststellungsprüfung (university qualification exam), a state-recognized exam, taken at the Cologne Campus. Depending on your desired field of studies, you can choose one of the following three specialization courses:

W course (Language of Instruction German or English: for economics and social science study programs),
T course (Language of Instruction German or English: for technical and natural science study programs) and
M course (Language of Instruction German: for medical and biological study programs).

Studienkolleg NRW focuses on the three pillars of language, specialist knowledge and culture. In addition to qualified preparation for the Feststellungsprüfung in language and specialization courses, activities outside the classroom for cultural integration and development of an understanding of “everyday German life” are important success factors for studies and everything else in private life.

Hochschule Fresenius offers various study programs that are suitable for the specialization courses and can then be studied, for example:

  • Tourismus-, Hotel- und Eventmanagement (B.A.) (for participants of the German W course)
  • Audiovisual Media & Online Publishing (B.A.) (for participants of the German W course)
  • International Business Management (B.A.) (for participants of the English or German W course)
  • Fashion Design (B.A.) (for participants of the English or German W course)
  • Mobility Management (B.Sc.) (for participants of the German W or T course)
  • Angewandte Biologie für Medizin und Pharmazie (B.Sc.) (for participants of the German M course)

After a further three years of studying (standard period of study), the program concludes with the award of the state-recognized Bachelor’s degree in the desired subject area.


People who participate in the Pre-Bachelor program receive a 15% discount on their future monthly tuition fees during the Bachelor’s program. Potential fees for non-EU students do not apply for participants of the Pre-Bachelor program.

People who participate in the Pre-Bachelor program are guaranteed a place on the study program of their choice at a Hochschule Fresenius campus.

To be admitted to the Pre-Bachelor program at Studienkolleg NRW, you need to take a placement test. Having passed this test (and the university qualification examination at the end of the Pre-Bachelor), you will not need to take any further assessment tests to officially start your studies at Hochschule Fresenius.

You are welcome to join in with all student activities at our Cologne campus. These may be guest lectures in your desired study program, business excursions, or optional workshops.

Specialist focus courses will provide you with fundamental knowledge of the subject you wish to study, ensuring you are well prepared when your studies begin.

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