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Your gateway to a Bachelor’s degree in Germany

If you have an international school-leaving certificate but are not automatically eligible to study at a German university, you can get a subject-specific university entrance qualification by attending a preparatory course at a Studienkolleg and take the university qualification examination, the so-called Feststellungsprüfung. Passing this exam allows you to study in Germany in the subjects related to your qualification, also at public institutions.

At Hochschule Fresenius, we are commissioned by the Cologne District Government to conduct this examination. You can take this state-recognized exam immediately after the preparatory courses at our campus in Cologne.

University qualification examination: Feststellungsprüfung

Germany has an excellent educational landscape, with highly ranked state research universities and universities of applied sciences that offer Bachelor’s programs not only to German students but also to international students who meet the admission criteria. In order to be admitted to these universities, international students must take a university qualification examination, called Feststellungsprüfung. The Feststellungsprüfung determines the suitability of applicants with international educational qualifications to study at universities in the Federal Republic of Germany. Only after passing this examination in German language, you can apply for a Bachelor’s program anywhere in Germany.

Preparatory courses at Studienkolleg NRW

Passing the Feststellungsprüfung is no easy feat. Successful applicants are driven and motivated and rely on professional help to improve their chances of succeeding. A very promising way to study for this examination is to attend classes at Studienkolleg NRW.

At Studienkolleg NRW, we offer all international applicants an optimal preparation for the exam. They can choose one out of three different 10-month courses, depending on the Bachelor’s program they want to study:

The W-course prepares you for admission to study programs in the areas of business, economy, and social studies.

The T-course prepares you for admission to study programs in engineering, technical, and mathematical areas.

The M-course prepares you for admission to medical and biology study programs.

In the preparatory courses, you do not only receive professional training on the focus subjects, but also special linguistic knowledge to make sure you meet the required German level for admission into a German university. If your objective is to study a Bachelor’s program in English at a German public university, we have you covered with our T-course English track which prepares you to study an engineering, technical or mathematical Bachelor’s program taught in English in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. These preparatory courses are also designed to provide you with information about living in Germany, to take you to local cultural events, and to give you access to counseling services for your individual qualification preparation.

At a glance: Admission, start, duration, and costs

Here you get an overview of the admission requirements at Studienkolleg NRW, the start dates and duration of the courses as well as the costs:

To start a preparation course at Studienkolleg NRW, you need to have successfully completed high school and have a B1 level in German language for the German track courses (W, T and M) or a B1 level in English language for the T-course English track. If you don’t have a B1 level in German, we offer you online German language courses, which can take you from A1 to B1. For the W-course in German, an A2 level in English is also required.

At Studienkolleg NRW, the courses start in March and September with a duration of 10 months.

The cost of the courses is €12,000. A €3,000 deposit will be required upon admission and is deducted from the full tuition. The remaining €9,000 is paid in twelve monthly payments.

The total cost is reduced to 11.440,00 € if the full fees are paid in advance.

If you already have an official C1-level certificate in German language, you will be entitled to a 20 % discount.

Bachelor’s degree in four years

Being part of the Carl Remigius Fresenius Education Group, we guarantee a place in one of the Bachelor’s programs offered by Hochschule Fresenius to all participants who pass the Feststellungsprüfung.* Thus, you can directly continue with a three-year Bachelor’s program after successfully passing the Feststellungsprüfung, which gives you the opportunity to complete a Bachelor’s degree in four years.

* The current tuition fee applies.

Find out more about the Bachelor’s programs at Hochschule Fresenius:

Services for international students

In addition to the preparatory courses for the Feststellungsprüfung, we offer you many more services, including:

You will get assistance with visa and immigration issues, as well as with your blocked account and health liability insurance.

You will get assistance in finding accommodation.

You will get support in academic and administrative matters.

You can participate in a mentor program with students of Hochschule Fresenius.

You can take part in excursions to renowned companies and cooperation partners.

You will benefit from an international and experienced team.

We offer a culture course, in which you will learn more about the German culture as well as the cultures of your fellow students.

Find more information about studying and living in Germany:

Advantages of studying in Germany

Studying in Germany has a lot of advantages:

German degrees are well-known for their worldwide recognition, a solid education, deep knowledge of details and practical approach.

Germany is one of the most developed and efficient industrial nations worldwide. With 80 million inhabitants, it also represents the biggest and most important economic market of the eurozone.

‘Made in Germany’ is one of the most respected designations of origin in the world.

Trained experts, who developed their knowledge in Germany, have a very good chance of being employed by German or international companies.

With your European citizenship or student visa, you can travel easily at an affordable prize to Germany’s nine exciting neighboring countries and throughout the Schengen area of the EU.

Germany is a democratic society with a high standard of living.

Graduates from a German university receive an 18-months post-study work visa.

    Hochschule Fresenius and Studienkolleg NRW are located in the center of Cologne, Germany’s fourth-largest city, with more than one million inhabitants. About 10 % of them are students, which makes it a very young population. The central location in Germany paired with a good infrastructure, numerous leisure opportunities and a cosmopolitan and tolerant lifestyle makes Cologne one of the most attractive cities in Germany.

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