As a Hochschule Fresenius student, you’ll become part of our “FreseFamily”. We believe it’s extremely important to maintain regular contact and offer you opportunities for exchange with fellow students, lecturers, and the relevant staff members. Small class sizes allow us to create a personal learning atmosphere in which the program director actually knows the person behind the name. This approach fosters each student’s strengths and allows their weaknesses to be identified and addressed. Lecturers are approachable and always happy to use their experience and expertise to support your personal and academic development.


Moving to a new city or country, negotiating a new social environment, adapting to new ways of learning and working, and transitioning to university life presents many challenges. It’s natural to need a little support during this new chapter of your life.

At Hochschule Fresenius, we offer various support services:

  • Academic counseling – covering all questions related to your studies
  • Psychological counseling – covering all questions related to your mental health and well-being
  • Crisis counseling – helping you cope with trauma and/or crisis
  • Counseling for student groups – supporting you with communication problems in group projects
  • Liaison lecturers – helping you to navigate university life in general and the facilities available at Hochschule Fresenius

Don’t be shy about getting in touch. We are always happy to help and support you! Simply contact the International Office at your campus and they will put you in touch with the corresponding support services.



As a university of applied sciences with a practical focus, we care about your professional development. We take various measures to ensure that you are thoroughly prepared for your future career. Our service centers are central to the support we provide. Our Career Development department provides help whenever you need it, for example with applications, finding internships and employment opportunities, or giving an overview of companies in your target industry. They also host job application workshops for international students.

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