Group of students in a room after eating pizza

Buddy Program – Pizza and getting to know each other

Every semester, international students begin their studies at Hochschule Fresenius.The International Buddy Program was developed for the Cologne and Munich locations to ensure a pleasant start to their studies. Here, students help overcome cultural, language and organizational barriers. On Tuesday, 11 March, a Kick-off Event for all participants took place at the Cologne location.

Within the framework of the program, international students studying at Hochschule Fresenius are referred to as mentees. The allocation of the buddies is take place randomly. Through the program, the students acquire skills from which they will benefit throughout their lives. After all, experience shows that long-term friendships are formed that can last throughout their studies and beyond.


Over a joint pizza, the mentors and their mentees were able to get to know each other. In addition to initial casual conversations, the first essential questions were clarified – from how to get around the campus, to registration for exams, to culture in Germany. This mutual exchange will take place for the duration of one semester.


For further information in Cologne, please contact Timo Förster, and Lisa Hoffmann, In Munich, the contact person is Ville Leppänen,