Intern and Student Meetup in New York

Organized by Magdalene Wiredu, intern at Hochschule Fresenius, students from Germany who are interning in New York City came together with students from Berkeley College preparing to study in Germany.

New York City is indeed a city that never sleeps, with a lot to do and a lot to experience. At the meetup students and interns had the chance to share their experiences and talk about the difference of life and culture between Germany and the United States. New York expert Zahra Sajid, a student at Berkeley College who will be studying in Cologne for her 5th semester, was able to answer the groups questions about New York. And the same was done in return, to enlighten her on the “must know” facts of Germany and specifically Cologne.

“What started as a meetup with complete strangers ended with laughter, great conversations about life and work in New York and exchange of experiences. Who would have thought that each and every one experienced it differently,” said Magdalene Wiredu after the first meetup.

On a second occasion, Berkeley students and German students who are interning in New York City, came together at a 30th Floor cocktail lounge in the Garment District, across from Times Square – not only to enjoy the view of the iconic New York skyline but to further connect and create new friendships.