Truffls Excursion – Getting in touch with “tinder for jobs” strategy

Students of Hochschule Fresenius Berlin visited Truffls, a platform that aims to connect talents and companies, to learn about and discuss strategy management processes.

Their hosts Clemens Dittrich and Matthes Dohmeyer, Co-Founders and Managing Directors of Truffls, gave many interesting and unexpected insights into the firms’ strategic journey. Today, six years after its founding, Truffls has positioned itself as the market leader in mobile recruiting. The firm – who’s platform sometimes is described as a “tinder for jobs” as one swipes through job offers – continually observes its competitive environment and has changed strategies based on external environmental changes. Most important is to always focus on relevant tasks in business, said Dittrich and Dohmeyer.

In addition to these insights, Hochschule Fresenius’ students and their professor Christian Lengfeld were the first to see the new Truffls CSR campaign which has just been launched.