International Business Management Master Program

International Business Management Master’s program

The economy is facing major changes, whether through digitalization, globalization, or climate change. So how can international companies adapt? What strategic approaches do they require to remain successful? And how should they initiate the necessary transformation processes? If you want to find the answers to all these questions and become a sought-after expert for international companies, then the Master’s program in International Business Management (M.Sc.) is ideal for you.


Career prospects with your study program

The internationally oriented Master’s program in International Business Management (M.Sc.) provides you with a broad portfolio of strategic approaches and methods, as well as specialized knowledge of cross-industry internationalization and expansion concepts. For example, you will learn both to identify the challenges of international companies and to develop strategically suitable solutions. This expertise will open up many career prospects.

Once you have completed your Master’s degree in International Business Management (M.Sc.), you will have the knowledge and skills to start a successful career in international management. You will be able to take on positions in domestic and international companies, work for non-profit organizations and other institutions, or start your own business. Your career prospects include:

  • Roles in strategic teams at a corporate or business unit level
  • Positions in teams that promote the international expansion and multinational presence of such corporations and organizations
  • Functional and cross-functional leadership positions
  • Positions in change management and corporate transformation
  • In-house consulting roles in which you may deliver strategy, internationalization, and transformation services
  • Strategic activities and international and transformational management roles in business associations and other interest groups
  • Management consulting positions in global and transnational consultancies

Master’s graduates also have the option of pursuing a doctorate.

Your study program in detail

On the international, practice-oriented Master’s program in International Business Management (M.Sc.), you will combine in-depth know-how in strategic management with broad knowledge of international corporate structures and strategic international transformation processes. You can also expand your language skills with a German language course and will have the opportunity to develop your professional profile with an elective module, internship, or semester abroad. Find out more here about what you can expect during your studies.

The Master’s program in International Business Management (M.Sc.) provides you with comprehensive knowledge and skills in fields such as strategic management, international companies, and transformation processes. During your studies, you will explore a variety of important topics. These include:

  • Strategic Management: You will acquire in-depth knowledge of the analysis, development, and evaluation of corporate and business strategies in companies of all sizes.
  • International Management: You will gain comprehensive know-how in the strategic analysis, evaluation, and implementation of internationalization steps and in the establishment of global and transnational corporate strategies.
  • Transformation Management: You will gain important skills required for planning, implementing, and communicating change and transformation processes, and for managing complex data and information on trends and future changes in a global context.
  • Advanced Management Essentials: You will acquire critical leadership-oriented management skills to lead projects and teams and to manage companies in a future-oriented and agile manner.
  • Intercultural & Language Skills: Students without German language proficiency will build up their skills in curricular German courses in the first and second semesters. If you are already proficient in German, you will prepare yourself for a global environment in the Intercultural Competence module and develop your linguistic skills in a further foreign language.
  • Research Methods & Empirical Skills: As a Master of Science, this program has a profound scientific foundation. You will learn to appreciate how research informs business-related decisions and acquire a portfolio of specific methods to gather and analyze your data.

In addition to compulsory modules, the Master’s program in International Business Management (M.Sc.) gives you the opportunity to pursue your personal interests and develop your professional profile. In your third semester, you will choose an elective module on one of the following topics:

  • Corporate Finance
  • Sustainability Management & CSR in a Global Context
  • International Relations & Current World Affairs
  • Consumer Behavior & Psychology
  • Strategic Marketing & Brand Management

Alternatively, you can choose to complete an internship instead of an elective module or opt for a semester abroad.

Practice-oriented learning is a top priority at Hochschule Fresenius. On the Master’s program in International Business Management (M.Sc.), you can expect application-oriented teaching from experts who will pass on their wealth of professional experience. You will work on projects and case studies and might opt for an internship as part of your elective modules. Interactive learning, excursions, guest lectures, and workshops are also common practice at Hochschule Fresenius.

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Admission requirements

To be admitted to the Master’s study program in International Business Management (M.Sc.) at Hochschule Fresenius, you need to fulfil the following requirements:

You must have completed a Bachelor’s study program with at least 180 credit points.

In your Bachelor’s degree, you must have gained 60 credit points in the fields of business or economics.

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Your English language skills must be equivalent to Level B2 of the European Framework of Reference for Languages.

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