Der Standort der Hochschule Fresenius in Köln.


On 10th June 2021, the International Business School in Cologne hosted an expert talk by Julia Bewerunge, Manager Carbon & Finance at ClimatePartner in Munich.

An experienced specialist in issues surrounding the environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance of corporations, specifically climate, diversity and inclusion, Julia Bewerunge ascribed the rapid growth of ClimatePartner in recent years to the momentum provided by environmental movements such as “Fridays for Future”. This in turn leads to a growing emphasis on sustainability management within companies, and the evaluation of corporate ESG performance data within the investment community.

Bewerunge introduced students to how ClimatePartner, founded in 2006, supports companies in establishing their emissions data and optimizing their performance, going through the range of tools and solutions that they offer. She also outlined the work with asset managers looking to ensure that their investments manage ESG risks according to criteria outlined by their clients, and at the same time generate a desirable level of profit. It is this balance that is often complex and based on reliable and trustworthy information. Bewerunge outlined the role played by the EU Taxonomy Regulation which she contributed to as a project leader for an investigation by the German Federal Ministry of the Environment, as well as the range of ESG ratings, guiding students through their structure and process.

As this is a field of great interest, Bewerunge also offered guidance on establishing a career in sustainable finance and impact investing. She herself began as a journalist and researcher with a strong interest in ESG issues, becoming a consultant and member of the executive office at KPMG Germany, and an ESG Specialist at ISS ESG. Her message was to follow your passion: read up on the topics on the subjects that interest you and constantly look to build on your knowledge and skills.

Portrait of Julia Bewerunge
Julia Bewerunge, Manager Carbon & Finance at ClimatePartner, spoke with the students about the relation between environmental movements and growth of ClimatePartner.