Final presentations with Accenture Digital and Teufel Lautsprecher in Berlin

In April, international students of the Digital Management (M.A.) program in Berlin started working on their case studies – now the results were presented to Accenture Digital and Teufel Lautsprecher above the rooftops of Berlin.

As part of the lecture “Case Study Management” by Prof. Dr. Christian Lengfeld in the Master’s program Digital Management (M.A.) they worked in teams on a real challenge from business practice. In this semester one of the world’s largest Consultancies, Accenture Digital, and the loudspeaker manufacturer Teufel Lautsprecher designed a task for the students. The scope was varied: from a business model project in the field of digital innovation to successful internationalisation, corporate culture, and social media management. In April, Jan Lengfeld, Innovation Manager at Accenture Digital, Matthias Paratsch, Head of Corporate Strategy & Projects, and Rob Peters, Head of Sales and Marketing at Teufel Lautsprecher, presented the details.


In the past three months, the student teams worked independently on the cases of the two corporate partner companies. They coordinated meetings and pitches with Accenture Digital and Teufel Lautsprecher, conducted internal interviews and external analyses, and finally summed everything up in a solution concept. The topics were diverse and were also based on the curricular contents of the Master’s program Digital Management (M.A.). Of course, it was also exciting to gain a holistic insight into the business and market models of the companies and to work directly with these findings.

The student consulting project was supervised by Prof. Dr. Christian Lengfeld, Professor of Management and International Management at the Hochschule Fresenius in Berlin. During the weekly lectures, the progress was discussed and basic instruments and tools for working with the students were deepened. For example, market and competition analyses, the analysis of existing business models and the transfer into new business concepts, project management, and value creation analyses were the focus.

At the end of June 2019, the final concepts have been presented to the responsible managers of Accenture Digital and Teufel Lautsprecher. Within the session, details, implications and further internal and external steps have been discussed and agreed.

“I am very satisfied with the results that the teams have planned, coordinated and developed over time. The representatives of Accenture Digital and Teufel Lautsprecher were also impressed and inspired by the presentations and are now looking forward to the project documentation, which will be completed and sent in late July,” Christian Lengfeld concluded.