Industry Revolution, Digital Business Models and Knowledge Management

Over the course of one semester, students from the Master Programs at the International Business School Berlin have worked on real case studies dealing with Industry Revolution, Digital Business Models and Knowledge Management. The final presentations took place in January. Prof. Dr. Christian Lengfeld, Dean of International Business Management (M.A.), led and supervised the course. For the presentation, he had invited the case study partners and influential entrepreneurs to Hochschule Fresenius Berlin.


The case study projects had started with a kick-off event in September, introducing the cases, partners and teams. This semester, global consultancy Capgemini Invent, music label Sony Music and FAF GmbH, consulting of social firms brought along real business task for the students.

The cases covered topics such as Digital Transformation of industries and Global Business Model Acceleration. Students had to work on partner corporations as well as challenges, changes, and transformations in each business environment. They structured their projects, phases and working packages accordingly. “This kind of work is a fantastic transfer based format for students”, emphasized Prof. Lengfeld.


Each week, students presented their status report in class and discussed current questions, case related topics and risks. In class, students gained important insights into tools, techniques, and approaches from Strategic and International Management, Design Thinking, Innovation Transformation and Business Modelling. Moreover, they had to plan milestones, touch points with the client, and pitch presentations. In preparation for the final presentations, a pitch training and storytelling sessions were held at Hochschule Fresenius. The final presentations were the highlight and the end of the projects working phase.

On this occasion, Sony Music’s Senior Manager Alex Engelen described the results as: “A new business model insight that gives us the potential to continue onto a transformation project into our unit!”

Dominik Schindler, Senior Consultant at Capgemini Invent, was impressed by the results presented by the students: “Impressive and valuable outcome that exceeded the initial expectations when starting the project in September – well done!”. In addition, Michael Weiss, CEO and Manager at FAF GmbH, summed up: “An excellent work and outcome – thank you for this professional experience in working with you!”