Bloom’s Innovation Business Modeling

On Tuesday, 10 December 2019, the International Business School in Berlin hosted an informative workshop for the two master’s programs International Business Management (M.A.) and Digital Management (M.Sc.). The course director Prof. Dr. Christian Lengfeld invited Robin Rohrmann, the manager of Digital Business Building and Francie Lange, Student Consultant Digital Business Building of the company Bloom.

Bloom is an Accenture’s Digital Business Building team that leverages the entire capabilities of the company and was founded in 2017. At this point, there are 100 employees worldwide, 15 employees in Germany and more than 300 experts in the network, including VCs, Founders and Industry or Functional Experts. Bloom collaborates with companies, to create new businesses that disrupt industries. Therefore, providing an end-to-end proven approach for digital business building for large corporations from ideation and validation to blueprint, MVP launch and scaling. This means: Creating new services, new products, new revenue streams.


The aim of the event was an Expert Meeting and a Workshop to introduce the company and the way it works. “Helping clients to identify untrapped value and turn it into new digital ventures”, said Robin Rohrmann. In addition, the speaker gave a deep insight into the business approach and how Bloom does support its clients. Summarizing it is a multinational professional services company that provides services in strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations.

Within the interactive part, students were asked to combine two business models in order to ideate a new – innovative business idea and analogies to a new business concept. By using the disruptors view students worked together in teams, presented and discussed their outcomes.