Case Study: Internationalization of Teufel Lautsprecher

In December, students of the master’s programs International Business Management (M.A.) and Digital Management (M.Sc.) participated in a special event with Teufel Lautsprecher. Course director Prof. Dr. Christian Lengfeld had invited Sascha Mallah, Teufel’s Chief Executive Officer, to Hochschule Fresenius Berlin.

Sascha Mallah shared Teufel’s brand history and gave insight into its business model as well as the company’s growth initiatives. Teufel was founded in 1979 as a DIY speaker brand. Today, it focuses on the direct distribution of its products and has thus grown into Europe’s leading online direct-to-consumer audio manufacturer with more than 95 % of sales generated online.

Acquiring new customers in European countries as well as in China, is one initiative in the company’s long-term revenue development, Sascha Mallah explained. With the students and Christian Lengfeld, he discussed special requirements and future prospects for these markets.

“It is vital that our students gain a theoretical as well as a practical understanding of different business models and distribution strategies. Therefore, welcoming Sascha Mallah in class was a unique and much appreciated opportunity,” said Christian Lengfeld.

Sascha Mallah, CEO at Teufel Lautsprecher, talked about the company’s growth initiatives in foreign markets.