Expert Session: Diversity drives Innovation

Digital Disruption, New Work, Innovation, Teams and Skills – these were the underling topics of Accenture Digitals’ Expert Session on “Diversity drives Innovation” on November 25, 2019 at Hochschule Fresenius in Berlin. Prof. Dr. Christian Lengfeld organized the event with over 20 students from the master’s programs International Business Management (M.A.)Digital Management (M.A.) and Business Psychology (M.Sc.) who experienced an exciting, intensive and interactive session.

Miguel Gehlhoff Alvarez was leading the three hour workshop at Hochschule Fresenius’ top floor in Berlin. Miguel is Consultant at the Innovation Team Berlin of Accenture Digital, a division of Accenture, one of the world’s largest consulting firms with 459,000 employees. Together with its clients, Accenture develops business models driven by digitization, artificial intelligence and the rapid changes in industries and societies. How will firms position themselves to help shape this new world and business models? What products and services are needed? What will customers value in the future and what are they willing to spend money on? In order to find answers to these questions for companies, Miguel and his colleagues rely on collaborative approaches, e.g. from Design Thinking.

At the workshop, Miguel gave interesting and unexpected exciting insights into Accenture Digital’s diversity in staffing and teams. By introducing and using a strength finder tool, the students had the chance to identify some of their own major and minor talents.